Well it’s official…

I’m stupid as I left my sewing project at work so instead here’s a picture of me making a sandwich.



Snuggle bags and sewing machines:

Given that time is now the obstacle that stands in the way of the sewing machine and my cosplay, I’m now working through the scrap materials gathered from previous projects while I wait for patterns to arrive and plan on using them to make other bits of random stuff.  For example:  A cat snuggle bag/bed or play mat.

Firstly let us take a moment to observe the inspiration:

Not sure if Schrödinger's trying to help or hypnotised by the shiny thread.

Not sure if Schrödinger’s trying to help or just plotting something…..

Having been told to back away from the sewing  machine, Schrödinger opted to sleep in the sewing machine bag instead. >_>

Having been told to back away from the sewing machine, Schrödinger opted to sleep in the sewing machine bag instead. >_>

It has been on my mind to make something for this Little Monster for a while now, despite that cat logic clearly states that he will not appreciate it and will choose to sleep/lounge casually whilst plotting world domination in between cleaning his paws on whatever the hell he wants (preferably your favourite jumper). Never-the-less, this idea has brought on the perfect opportunity to at least make some use of the materials and if he doesn’t like it, I’m sure there’s another kitty I know out there that would appreciate it.

So begins the mini project.

Step one: Take Measurements.

Easier said than done....

Easier said than done….

Without a doubt, trying to measure the cat is impossible.  So I opted to go with the well known scientific fact that cats are made of liquid (as  proven by many a youtube video. <~~This link being a prime example) So it boils down to just taking a wild guess and hoping he fits. I made the fabric about standard cushion sized (roughly 20″ x 30″/50 x 75cm) so it certainly should be big enough if he’s curled up inside it anyway.

Step two: Material

Material for the snuggle bag.

Material for the snuggle bag.

This is all cut now and pinned ready to sew. Before I get it sewn together though, I’ve opted to do a bit of (very basic) appliqué to add some decoration to it. I may even be sad enough to write his name in it but am undecided whether or not that’ll be a step too far. Though I’m fairly sure that the cat won’t care…..

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Justin from Grandia

Justin from Grandia

This will be the cosplay that I plan to make. So far the process is currently at the stage of looking for patterns to adapt and researching materials. Patterns are difficult to find though I think I have found one that won’t cost the earth because (typically) my cosplay fashion sense is that of the vintage variety that isn’t *in fashion* right now…..


Think 80’s Jumpsuits 8D


Oohh yeah…..

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Hello and Welcome.

Today marks the first day of November and also the first day of this blog. My main purpose of this is to log anything that I do or find as well as generally share ideas and most of all, have fun.

Today also marks the beginning of a few projects and monthly challenges. First is SewNovember. In past experience, I’m not usually very good with blogs but this is something that I need to do as a personal challenge as well as keep up the art and craft side of things.

For those unaware, here is a description of SewNovember:

You start a brand new sewing project on November 1st. It can be a costume, or a regular sewing project like a cool dress, plushie, or something. Add it to your CI profile, your cosplay page on FB, your LJ, wherever you want to put it, and the challenge is to work on it and make a written update about it every day for the whole of November. Every day. No minimum word count on the written update or obligation to post daily pictures – a picture of some hemming and a sentence is just as acceptable as ten paragraphs of research into fabric types!

If you finish it early, start another one! You could even do a different project every week or fortnight if you’re confident in your skills. You can also write a few updates on one day to post on days when you’re away and can’t work on your project.

madmazda86  from Cosplayisland.co.uk

With this I have chosen to make a few mini projects plus one cosplay that I aim to have most of the sewing parts done by the end of November.  The cosplay is Justin from Grandia and will hopefully be ready for Kitacon 2014.


For today this is about as far as I will get but little and often throughout this month I will post updates and progress for the projects. *fingers crossed* for being able to stay focused and not be distracted by anything shiny :)

x x ttfn x x


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